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The film within a film that tries to save lives

'I Made This For You' is a film about a group of friends trying to stop a suicide. Actor and director Cristian Solimeno...

‘Bonkers’ reaction to Scottish store’s Taylor Swift signed CD surprise

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The papers: Maradona in 'hands of God' and economic 'emergency'

The death of Argentine football legend Diego Maradona dominates Thursday's newspaper front pages. Source link

Tigray crisis: How the Ethiopian army and TPLF clashed over an airport

And on Sunday, 22 November, state media published a video and images of bricks and rubble on the runway, as well as what...

Is the era of the Hollywood blockbuster over?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, No Time To Die is costing film studio MGM $1m in interest every month. That money, which it...

Why France may ban discrimination against accents

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Covid: US doctor’s video simulates what dying patient sees

A doctor in Missouri has made a video simulating what a patient dying from Covid-19 might see - in a bid to urge...